PK Nesmith


We are excited to share our newest program:  A Road to New Beginnings – Our Mom and Baby Program

Scheduled to open January 2022

PK Nesmith will offer housing security, life skills, pre- and post-pregnancy support for mom and baby during their time at Project Kompass.

With the support of staff, each resident will be evaluated and a personalized plan will be implemented to allow them the tools needed to work towards a sustainable independent living environment.

PK Nesmith Guidelines:
  • Female ages 18-24
  • Currently or recently pregnant with infant
  • Actively seeking fulltime employment or education
  • Commitment to individualized goal setting and accountability including:
    • Financial literacy and savings programs
    • Bi-weekly meetings with on-site program manager
    • Agency support and case management for mom and baby
    • Parenting training programs and workshops
  • Participation in house chores, activities, and life skills classes
  • Scheduled family visits
  • Give back to the community by donating 3-5 hours to service each month
What our home offers:
  • A safe and supportive home environment with the option to reside up to 18 months*
  • 6 private bedrooms
  • On-site overnight support
  • Common areas including living room, training and activity space, child play area
  • On-site laundry
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Transportation assistance
  • Private backyard  
  • Individual keyless entry
  • NO guest policy
  • Nightly curfew

*Length of stay is reviewed regularly and based on individual needs and progress. Each resident must remain engaged and working towards the goal of independent living. Guidelines must be adhered to or program eligibility could be jeopardized.

Project Kompass is committed to creating a safe and secure home environment for ALL residents.  Continuous awareness, training, and workshops related to safety issues have been implemented into our program and evaluated frequently.

Project Kompass is unable to support substance and alcohol addiction issues nor serious mental health needs. Project Kompass encourages our residents to understand proper tactics to address after-hour issues. Emergency protocols have been established and reviewed regularly.