Transportation Services


Project Kompass recognizes that reliable and safe transportation is an absolutely critical component of creating a path to independent living.  Being able to confidently commute to work, school, shopping and everyday commitments is expensive and often complicated due to limited public transportation throughout the Merrimack Valley. Ride sharing services are very expensive and often unreliable after hours and in remote areas. As a result, PK has created a comprehensive program to help off-set the expense and inconvenience for our residents.

PK Transportation Program:
  • Travel vouchers and highly discounted rates for rides to work, school, or medical appointments
  • Assistance with permitting and licensing
  • Help with locating vehicles* and pre-purchase inspections
  • Arrangements and partnerships with local garage to assist our residents in maintaining their vehicles


*donated vehicles are accepted and made available to our residents.  For more information you can contact us at or 978-710-4225