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Our parenting program is designed for female residents currently or recently pregnant with an infant. This program offer housing security, critical life skills training, as well pre- and post-pregnancy support for mom and baby.

Utilizing the Nurturing Parenting Program we are able to help identify the needs of each mom to create a program aimed to promote positive and healthy parent-child relationships and to connect those needing additional resources to outside services and providers.

Program Guidelines

Women (18-24) and Babies

Parenting Training

Engage with community agencies and home visiting programs to ensure mom and babies needs are met


Attend school or training program on a full-time basis and/or work 32+ hours per week


Participate in financial literacy and savings programs

Life Skills

Participation in house chores, activities, life skills classes & workshops

Community Service

Give back to the community by donating a minimum of 3-5 hours to service quarterly


Weekly meetings with on-site case manager

What our homes offer

Project Kompass is committed to creating a safe and secure home environment for ALL residents. Continuous awareness, training, and workshops related to safety issues have been implemented into our program and evaluated frequently.


There is an emphasis on a parenting-first approach which means earlier
curfew, implemented schedules and structure for baby, and a focus on complete wrap-around care for mom and baby.

Project Kompass will make referrals to The Wish Project to receive a new infant car seat as well as a welcome basket.  We also receive support from the Merrimack Valley Food Bank and The Diaper Bank.  We have many generous donors who also assist with donating necessary supplies for mom and baby.

No, Project Kompass provides all necessary furniture.  Baby will receive new items upon entering our home.

Upon joining the PK Family, you will receive the assistance needed to apply for DTA, WIC, and other services that benefit and assist you while working towards your goal of independent living and self-sufficiency.  Remember, our long-term goal is to break the cycle of dependency.  

If you qualify you would be entitled to 1 night out weekly.

Yes, program guidelines for all residents are to work or attend school a minimum of 32/hours per week.

Yes, all children must attend an approved daycare while mom is in school or working.

Daycare guidelines must be followed. Project Kompass does not offer onsite babysitting assistance.

Please complete and submit the following electronic referral request form.

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