Transitional Program

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With support of staff, our transition program encourages residents to create a personalized plan that develops life skills and tools necessary to achieve self sufficiency and sustainable independent living.

Program Guidelines

Women (18-24)


Commitment to goal setting and accountability


Attend school or training program on a full-time basis and/or work 32+ hours per week


Participate in financial literacy and savings programs

Life Skills

Participation in house chores, activities, life skills classes & workshops

Community Service

Give back to the community by donating a minimum of 3-5 hours to service quarterly


Weekly meetings with on-site case manager and commitment to set goals

What our homes offer

Project Kompass is committed to creating a safe and secure home environment for ALL residents. Continuous awareness, training, and workshops related to safety issues have been implemented into our program and evaluated frequently.


Project Kompass accommodates young women and new moms with babies ages 18-24. Prospective residents could be homeless, or housing insecure.

Project Kompass takes pride in the uniqueness of its program. We offer a welcoming home environment with private bedrooms and a focus on instilling a true sense of independence.  We are not a shelter nor a group home.  We do not believe in 24/7 monitoring, however, staff is always available for emergencies.

No. Although every resident is required to be working or in school, the first 30 days of the program allows both the resident and staff to see if the program is a fit and allows the time needed to assist with job searching, resume building, or embark on educational offerings.

Project Kompass is a non-smoking, non-vaping, and alcohol-free environment, both in the home and on property for all residents, employees, and volunteers.

Project Kompass is 100% free for all residents. Residents are not required to pay Project Kompass rent or utilities. All residents are expected to “pay themselves first” by participating in Project Kompass’ unique and individualized savings plan and contribute $25/month to cover the cost of all shared house incidentals. A $100 security deposit will be required to cover the cost of intentional damage. Payment terms can be worked out and money refunded when exiting the program.

Project Kompass is a 501c3 non-profit organization and does not request funding from state or federal sources. Instead, Project Kompass is solely funded by generous donors, grants, and sponsors throughout the Greater Lowell area and beyond.

Project Kompass is committed to every resident. BUT, there are program guidelines and expectations that must be followed.  This includes, working or school, saving first, keeping your personal space clean, participating in shared house chores, attending life skill workshops, and committing to community service hours on a quarterly basis.

Absolutely! Project Kompass embarks on community outreach projects and is happy to assist wherever there is a need, based on our contacts and partner agency resources.

Please email to learn more about current and upcoming events, volunteer requests, and more!

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